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Palms Price List

Click the Photo Palms Tree Price
sylvester palms 100x66 Sylvester Palm $100 per foot of trunk
royal palm 100x66 Royal Palms Starting at $150 each
Royal Palm 25 gallon pots 100x66 Royal Palm 25 gallon pots 7-8' tall , $85 each
robelini Palm 100x66 Robelini Palm‏ Triple $15 per foot height
montgomery palm new 100x66 Montgomery Palm‏ Triple $15 per foot height
montgomery palm 100x66  Montgomery Palm‏ $10 per foot height
foxtail palm 100x66 Foxtail Palm‏ $10 per foot height
Foxtails palms 25 gallon pots 100x66 Foxtails palms ‏ 25gallon pots 8-9' tall, $80 each
foxtail Palm triple 100x66 Foxtail Palm Triple $15 per foot height
coconut palm 100x66  Coconut Palm $10 per foot height
christmas Palm single trunk 100x66 Christmas Palm‏ Single Trunk $10 per foot height
cat palm 100x66  Cat palm‏ 7 gallon pot at $17 each
canary date palm 100x66  Canary date palm‏ $200 per foot of trunk
bottle palm 100x66  Bottle Palm‏ 25 gallon pot at $100 
Bismarck Palm 100x66 Bismarck palms (16-18') at $850 each
areca palm 100 66  Areca palm‏ $10 - $15 per foot (Simple - Triple trunk)
areca palm 15galon 100x66  Areca palm ‏ 15gallon pot  15gallon pot, 5-6' ft height at $49 each
alexander palm double 100x66 Alexander palm‏ double $15 per foot height
alexander palms 100x66  Alexander palm‏ $10 per foot height 
adonidia palm 100x66  Adonidia Palm‏  $10 - $15 per foot (Simple - Triple trunk) 
adonidia palms Christmas Palm 2 3trunk 100x66  Adonidia or Christmas Palm‏ double or triple trunk $15 per foot (Double - Triple trunk)